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India Latham
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Nabil Nezzar is a an Illustrator who has worked in many fields over the years, including fashion, products and portraits in watercolour, pencil and gouache for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. We got in touch to find out more about his work.
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Diana King is a Chinese-American portrait, lifestyle fashion, and commercial Photographer. We got in touch to discuss Diana's work and find out more about her personal project "Almost Asian, Almost American", a video essay project that allows Asian-American women to define their own beauty and identity.
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India Latham is an adaptable Filmmaker with over four years experience producing, directing, shooting and editing for the BBC, other major broadcast channels and a range of online platforms. She is passionate about finding and filming the most compelling stories, with a proven track record in securing sensitive access and bringing those stories to a wide audience.
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